Cloud-trampled day

Based on a painting by Nadira  ( Dreaming Through The Twilight)

Tumultuous swirls
spread smoke
Trees listen erect
late to the lecture
Sharp hats on
Leaves static


Silence rules
grave-deep, stern-gray
Crisp, cold drops
on tongue-tips
of mountains


Smudged kohl outlines
stormy eyes of the valley

Sky-frost and earth-mist
companions adrift

©Reena Prasad
For your inspirational painting Nadira Cotticollan Thank you!

The uprising


Gleb Goloubetski
‘Autumn Breeze’

Watch me as I rise
drinking up the black liquid of night
The wind in my golden stalks

He lies on the lapping surface
to carry me away
from all that is dark

The bamboo in my basket of love
is covered with its swan flowers
The sunlight, my last sheath

I see his handsome heart
and the big stakes driven into them
but I am not a frail concept, I am Earth

out to reclaim my colours
from the paint and word palettes
of plagiarist beings called artists
©Reena Prasad  26th May 2013

Sunken gold



Abundant gold
thrown into the sea
sparkling in the crests of little waves-to-be
dazzling inside the curves of frothy swirls
A Midas has drowned
his regrets mirrored by the sky
A lone ship leaves amidst the scattered largesse
to search for its predestined fortune
it makes me want to weep.
©Reena Prasad 26th Jan 2013

Wings to fly

Take me with you

as a feather on your wing

Let me feel how it feels

to see the earth wave

Every golden stalk of grain

dancing in the morning breeze

as we fly up and soar across the sun

to lands where night never begins.

© Reena Prasad 2nd Oct 2012

Earth roots

 A leg stretched, the other bent

 he lies sprawled on her muddy curves

 their wetness, a drop away

 grassy intrusions tickling his sides

 softening rough edges

His head buried contentedly in her

 though she has pushed him out partially

 into the sunlight

 His green burdens branding their shadows

 upon him

 as he stretches further in his quest

 to fulfill their needs too.

©Reena Prasad 5th October 2012

Cloud swirls

 Soft swirls of snow clouds

 inch towards an aurulent ledge

 Tiny eyes of civilization

 blink and stare in awe

 Wearing a dressing gown of fog,

 Dawn reaches out to Day

 yearning for all the glorious colours

 she missed

 while in the embrace of Night.

©Reena Prasad 3rd October 2012



I reach the end point

from where the road seems clear

yet vision blurs


The path that brought me up

lies below

sometimes arcane

some parts straight

The bends where reason stumbled

seem childish from this far away.


Vague uneasiness floats around

like wisps of Indian milkweed

No more do peaks refute

but the zenith is a lonely place

and in its silence, a breeze proclaims

nothing is ever absolute…


Goat paths cannot resist grassing over

proud peaks succumb to earthly tugs

A nomadic spirit remains

A lone tenant sans any walls


The song that plays in the wind’s harp

echoes in these valleys with mellow lyrics

softened by the loneliness Time brings with it

Footsteps erased yet delicate shadows nod

a timeless, alluring invite.


The only lines that remain unerased

are the ones that I have drawn

to keep myself safe

from the omnipresent gypsy

chained inside my wanderlust soul.

 ©Reena Prasad August 2012


 In the stillness of a moonless night
 a thought takes off in search of a fragrance
 flitting noiselessly from the shadow of a tree
 to the bench that once was bathed with love
 No moon unveils itself to show it the way
 to the valley where it had once slept
 among some flowers of hope..
 It wanders up the night sky,
 resting briefly on a floating cloud
 too fragile to bear its mournful weight
 As the night moves towards a silvery dawn
 the orphan returns home
 to the sleepless cove
 from where it often flies
 in search of a lost scent.
© Reena