Butterflies of time


A few seconds on this side is day
A few moments later, on the other side
waits night
Different in colour, varied in character
Separated by a needle
running through time 

Day breaks into sun
and interminable jobs
Night thrives in the lap of a shadow
Ever waiting on the brink of time
Within a step fall of age and clime 

White though the day
hides black deeds
Which glow with guilt
while man sleeps
Black, the colour of night but only
a mask for hiding forbidden grief

Truth triumphs
in the light of the day
Hollow promises, fake glitters
over the night hold sway
Broken hearts, dead lives
soon dreamt away

Clocks tick and tock
to remind us of now
– the essence of  nights and days
Chasing butterflies
amidst dew drops and dreams
Hold on to one
and the other gets away
©Reena Prasad

12 thoughts on “Butterflies of time

  1. Thank you @ scentof my heart,for leaving a whiff of scent on my blog. please feel free to drop in any time. You are most welcome here.

    Thanks for dropping in Star Ka’at and for your encouragement.
    Thank you Hannah for your kind words. It is so encouraging


  2. Thanks Mihir-time has butterfly wings that usher in gradual changes in such a persuasive way that we have to let go of the past even when we would like to cling to it.Thanks for sharing your epic, its a lovely composition.


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