Numero uno—A dedication

Numero uno- A dedication


The afternoon class of physics or math.
Sleepy heads, no longer alert.
Yawns galore, notes unread
Then in came a teacher, who took off his shirt!


Chairs pushed back, screeching surprise
Eyes flew open, mouths agape
Every eye focussed on the astounding sight.
While he beaming, showed off his sinewy biceps.


The mike announced the order of play
Few to compete and fewer in the field today
The rest connived to hang out behind the bicycle shed.
Then they saw—the teacher standing on his head!


A feat indeed, considering his age
But he never was one to concede defeat
Inspired by him, came many, multiplying the fun
The quorum was met and the race begun.


Ever smiling, he marched through the corridors
Pretending to scare kids , then tweaking their nose.
Tending to cuts , bruises, tears and complaints
For every lost kid, he was a gentle giant.


How I wished, he could be my father!
Intuitive and caring, even more than a mother!
Breaking bricks with bare hands, making every moment fun
Standing tall and strong, a warrior unsung.


Now he is older and our school days are past.
Yet our life-path, still shimmers and glitters with his star dust.
Like his evergreen renderings from Julius Caesar,
Our mentor, our guide and his zest for life, will forever inspire us.


Blessed were we, Sir, touched by your presence unsurpassed.
Numero uno among childhood treasures amassed


14 thoughts on “Numero uno—A dedication

  1. My favorite poem of the week so far. This really is inspiring. I SO hope you are still in touch with this fine teacher, and that you will share this poem with him.


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