The ghost

The shadow moved silently
behind the spanking new house
hidden now from all eyes
once familiar to them all 

The wind stopped for a moment as if to listen
to the breath of a kindred soul
whistling a greeting it too went on its way
blowing autumn leaves through doors pushed ajar 

The shadow, a sad apparition,
to a pale memory of the lively ancestral home
now renovated with new money
into a sprawling modern tomb 

Earthly remains buried under the stones
but the soul is still free
free to roam about in leisure
around its beloved banyan tree

©Reena Prasad



11 thoughts on “The ghost

  1. Ohhhhh I was going to ask if the tree was a Banyan! You answered my question before I could. 🙂 They are fantastic trees. And this was a wonderful poem. I know it will be cliché to say it was “haunting”, but you captured the sadness of the spirit very well in this. I really liked the lines about new money turning the house into a modern tomb! Well done.


  2. Wow! I loved reading your comments dragonkatet . Thanks for taking time to visit here.There is something very sad about old houses being demolished or renovated. It seems an injustice to the people who once loved those houses and had lived and died there.


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