A cup for every season

To celebrate a birth, a memento to love’s first flush
To drown sorrows of youth and betrayals
To share good will and cheer
And to drink to one another’s health

A hot cup , brimming with liquid inspiration
lips that chew the pen’s rear end
a small interlude in between
when words wriggle through the crevice

simple joys of life , ever welcome
sharing and laughing with friends
a cup to extend the fragile bonds of time
some moments when life transcends

The race run, the thirst intense
A cup to relieve parched throat’s pain
Only then a smile and a wave
to acknowledge the winning salutations.

When covered with the last sheet of the mortal bed
Dribble drops from a cup, into the hollow of life
A few drops of blessed holy water
Bids good bye to the last breath and sigh.
©Reena Prasad 30th Nov 2010



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