October 10, 2010

Oh my princess, when you were born
It was no longer night but not yet day
That your journey should bring you unscathed,
From across the seas, I could hear your father pray.

For you my little girl, these words
My baby, my world, all rolled into one.
When I held you first in my arms
I vowed to protect you ever from harm.

Your cherubic face turned up to mine
Sweetly trusting, you held my hand
When we crossed the busy road
Your laughter erupted and merged with mine.

You were the angel, who made me
A mother, the sweetest word ever born
Every time we played your songs
You jigged with joy and a father was born.

When you laid your little head
Taking all for granted, on his solid chest.
It made my world go round and round
With the sheer joy, of divine fest.

The tiny curls of your angelic locks
were enough to make us dream ahead
Of the times in store for us
Filled with baby moments unsaid.

The sweetness will always be there
Those moments stored in books unread
Know my baby, when you grow
We built monuments in our angel’s love.

Not of bricks or mortar though
Homes made with motherhood and love’s glow
Walls of solid fatherly emotions
That seems to dissolve when your tears flow.

Know my darling, you completed us
Made us very proud but humble within.
Ours to hold, for a lifetime and more
Branding parenthood, with your toothless grin.


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