My friend, the moon


Lying in repose, with sleep in sight
For dreams to come and lighten the night
I spot your bright face, hiding behind a cloud
Beaming at me, like a friend I know
What was said, I no longer can say
But left me with feelings all aglow.


Days when the heart is sore
A bitter word or look seals the door
I tell myself, be patient for night will bring
Your smiling face to peep through my door.
And all the poison turns into dessert
As I drink deep from your beautiful soul. 

In early morn, before truth awakens
There is an interlude for you to come
I throw open every window, for your glimpse
There you are! Waltzing with stars galore!
A few moments, we spend in silence
You, me, our reminiscences of yore.

©Reena Prasad 23rd Nov 2010



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