Smile more

Smiles are sent your way
To enjoy and give away
Free gift from nature’s store
Doubts and confusions
Trials and tribulations
Leave aside every chore
Reciprocate, then ask for more.

The warmth it conveys
Through eyes and face
Reaches the heart
Intellect by passed
Balm to spirits
Wan and sore
treasure this smile, then ask for more.

Some are matchsticks
Igniting secret fires
ignoring norms and mores
Invoking forgotten desires
Fanning the flames
Opening doors
Realize its power, then ask for more

An exercise of few seconds
Calming the storm
Relaxing the frown
Pouring light into dark souls
Turning mountains into moles
lovelier than pearls, emanating from the core.
Savour the treasure, then ask for more
©Reena Prasad


28 thoughts on “SMILE MORE

  1. ..please visit poets who are here, but you did not reach initially, thanks, we call it return favors, part of the rule,
    bless your Friday.


    let us know after you are done 18 poets visiting…


  2. Thank you so much Krislin,Rashmi,bendedspoon,fiveloaf,ji,magher1,glh,seabell,haggishead,Alcina and Baishali,for smiling at my poem in such a nice way.
    Thank you Ana, true, a heartfelt smile is really powerful.
    Thank you Rajlakshmi for the compliment.Have a smily day!


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