Soul search

October 20, 2010

Thoughts twirl around like scattered leaves in a storm
Sunbeams stream into monotonous corners of the mind
Lighting up dark recesses, freeing little elves of doubt
Memories awaken, no longer content to remain in cramped boxes of caution.
Little streams make their way, into the confederation of rivers of reason.
The breeze clears up some mists of uncertainties, of changing seasons
Unspoken words tumble out of falling bundles stored
in overstuffed cupboards of insecurities.


Yet the sunshine fails to penetrate, the rooms where fears lie
Where hopes vie with despair
desperately clawing to keep afloat.
Where unheard whispers fly like bats, cocooned
in the darkness of nights unslept
Where loneliness creates images to which memories cling.
Where the mere shadow of daybreak shatters all illusions.
Never finding the myriad colours of life, hidden under a blanket of dead leaves.

©Reena Prasad 20th oct 2010


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