October 13. 2010

You never felt, the sun’s kiss
Though I bathed in it for you.
You never saw, the joy on dad’s face
When he kissed your kicking foot.
Made you with love, our own
The time right, moment divine
Miracle of raindrops, treasures pale
Compared to you, my son.
Love poured out, when he talked
Through the nest where you lay
Blissfully happy, you made us
Such was the feel and warmth you gave.
But baby, we weren’t so lucky to hear
Your gurgles and noises so much awaited, though so near.
You never saw the love we spent
For your little eyes were closed,
when you came and went.
It would have meant so much to know
You did not suffer, from our short comings though
God given blessing, such a beautiful gift
we couldn’t keep you for ourselves as we wished.
Giving us a glimpse of heaven’s door
He took you back to his heavenly abode.


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