October 11, 2010

In the unearthly morn,
A shrieking chill pierced the air
The sleeping goat wiggled its tail
Slumber won and he lay there.
Blood and life oozing out
Sacred to none but food for some
Where and what the fuss was about?
Why was he in a place so glum?


When he came with a few other goats,
food was all, he thought about.
Would there be grass enough for all
Or would hunger be their fall?
Didn’t he ever wonder, in his little mind
how savages made their brutal choice?
The fattest ones were the first to go.
He, being small, was left behind.


They gave him food and tied him up.
He missed the freedom of the fields
where he followed his mother and ran.
An innocent kid with unbridled glee.
Here she vanished on the first dawn.
His brother followed her next.
Soon his neighbours too disappeared
Perhaps he too felt perplexed.


A bony kid, he grew up too soon
Why they waited ,he now knew
Fattened and fed, soon to be dead
He passes his days in mortal dread.
Whenever a death cry or a bleat ,he hears
He laments the loss of his brothers dear.
Still he waits, his sweet eyes, wild with fear
Are you the one ,who will choose him, my dear?


2 thoughts on “THE LAST GOAT

  1. Oh this is very sad…a little more so for me, I had a pet goat named Delilah, she had such a quirky nature!! It must be awful for animals, as it is so apparent that they have the same fears we all have…I don’t know what else to say!


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