The Lost Poet

Slavery was abolished ages ago.
They forgot to tell her,
She too was a beloved child with a mother.
yet life turned into a farce for her.
Colours too bright yet never brighten her face
Except the red flush of disgrace,
accepting a will stronger than hers.

Protest- that too she used to do,
before her life was trampled upon
and her dreams shattered and gone.
Did she not once aspire to be
a poet like you and me?
Where lies that dream now, ravaged by beasts.
unclothed ,for all to see.

Life dealt her a blow, love and faith all lost
She could no longer think in rhymes
When life no longer seemed sublime
It’s not that she was not brave
but there is always a limit, in a world of grime.
of what the soul can part take
surrendering to the crimes of mankind.
©Reena Prasad


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