The mirage in the desert


The faith is lost
Somewhere in the blowing sandstorms of the desert.
Every step erased or covered
Where two pairs of feet had left their prints.
No trace of life
anywhere in the distance
Only the occassional call of a lone bird
signalling an oasis somewhere.

Who were the lucky ones
that found the treasure trove?
I am just a candle flame
awaiting darkness as the gusts of winds blow.
The sands of time are heavy
They leave no relics
Oh, it is just as well

Signs of stirring life underneath
will do no good to them
Those that never touched the hot sands
What does shade mean to them?
If such be a life so lonely
well, never to have been born
Suffering in silence for ever
for no light can penetrate these dust storms.

©Reena Prasad
Published in the poetry anthology ” Change” by Xpress publications.

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