A skip and a jump and childhood went on its way
Leaving me hoping one day it would again come for a stay.
Holding hands without guilt ,making friends in a flash
Caution never intruded , when puddles beckoned for a splash.


When the days roll down memory hill,
sweet laughter echoes in the dale
Giving ample space for the soul
to refill the cup of adolescent travails.


Walking behind so that you wouldn’t sneak a peek
at love’s blush staining the dimpled cheeks.
Walking in hope, fingers crossed in prayer,
for a glimpse of your face or your tousled hair.


Hoping you would come , praying we would be together
And not finding the courage , instead talking about the weather.
Moving away ,leaving too much space,
then missing you frantically with undue haste.


While eyes remain locked and throbbing pulses raced,
Silence and togetherness forever embraced.
Counting the minutes, marking the days
Now counting the years and decades while you are away.


Give me back a few leaves,
that swirled in rounds at our playground.
Give me back the wooden bench,
on which you were once to be found.


Give me back stolen moments old.
Give me my beating heart again.
Give me back my secret crush, your first touch
and our adieu in the rain.


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