I am the lone dry leaf….

I am the lone dry leaf
Sticking to your cheek
I am the gust of friendly breeze
Playing hide and seek.
I am the mellow sun shine
Warming you when the days are cold
I am the cool rain, drizzling youth
as the heart grows old.


I am the goodness of your heart.
I am the love that sets you apart.
I am the joy, I am the pain.
I am the prayer that echoes again.
I am the rustle that makes you look around when you are alone.
I am the silence that descends when the birds have flown.
I am the murmur of the bustling crowd.
I am the call of duty ,clear and loud.


I am the song of the elusive thrush
I am the colour of adrenaline’s rush.
I am the tune that plays constantly in your head
I am the whiff of caution, stopping you with signals red.
I am the faint touch upon your bare arm.
I am the baby gurgle that disarms.
I am the dream that wakes you up .
I am the lullaby soothing you in bed.



I am the shadow that follows in your stead.
I am the mirage luring you ahead.
I am the breath that you catch after your run.
I am the chuckle that resonates in moments of fun.
I am the scent of the flowers you stop to inhale.
I am the whisper of the hills going round the dale.
I am the whoops of childhood glee.
I am the shade of the courtyard mango tree.


I am your spirit whom you never see,
yet bound to you for eternity.
I am your own soul, forever free.


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