Bridge of hope


Tall , beautiful ,long and arced
Taking me over lands pulled apart
Winning the battle over the frothing river.
A bridge to carry my imagination’s cart. 

Standing proud with arches raised up
Despairing heart, cheer up thy thoughts.
Mend my bridges and I will rush past
To undo the damages of our follies past. 

A bridge to step on for air- clearing walks
A bridge to lean on, watching life go past
A bridge to talk to when all alone
A bridge to shorten the long road home. 

When life gives certain annihilatory whacks,
it seems to push us from the front and back.
Cruel shoves that close all doors
To the bridge, says my weary soul. 

Making a decision, to stop playing the game.
Boldly wringing out all my heart’s pain
A leg on land, a leg wavering in the air.
Levitate and soon all will be fair.  

But hark! is that a beacon of light that glows
Revealing the bridge and a beautiful rainbow?
And from where did these white doves alight here?
Sanity recoups , diverting folly’s tears. 

Crouched, through the lattices, I watch the river go its way.
A snake moving its tail with a feminine sway
Boats move with the rhythms of the waves.
The rainbow filling me with hope, love will find its way. 

Slowly the sad music whispers and dies.
The melody still floats over the bridge behind
Till it settles into far horizon’s bird cries.
Tuning my heartstrings for a musical rewind. 

A friend to advise when the night is gone
And I sit under its arch and silently groan
Framing a new sun as the day dawns
A frame to scribble my musings on.

©Reena Prasad

23 thoughts on “Bridge of hope

  1. Thank you Jingle.
    Thank you lunawitch15, scottf, bendedspoon, tasithoughts, glad you all visited here and liked the bridge.
    Thank you Gaurang for visiting.. do appreciate your opinion.
    Thank you Dishilcious!


  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Wow, your poem is long but has wonderful imagery words right from the beginning till the end.


  3. Thanks for your feedback on my rally piece–and for sharing this entry. I particularly liked the line “A bridge to talk to when all alone”–it’s filled with a truth we often don’t admit to. BTW, I’m wondering in the last stanza if “advice” should be “advise”…


  4. Another delight from you, loved the image you chose to go with your words … a new sun for all of us, may we have!


  5. Thank you @dhitzunako, for taking out time to go through my long poem. I should really learn to stop instead of meandering on!

    Thank you @ Julie for taking the time to visit here. Your feed back is so encouraging. I have taken your suggestion and changed “advice” to “advise” since I too had a sneaking suspicion that something was amiss there. Thank you so much for pointing it out.
    Thanks @ Blaga, your visit is always so comforting .


  6. Wonderful work, this piece gave me a little glimmer of hope when I needed it the most. Thanks for making this piece and sharing with the rest of us!


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