Soul of the party.

Murmurings in the undergrowth
Sunrays like laser beams
Cackles of kookaburra laughter
Aworld he had never seen. 

How did he ever get here
Eyes rubbed, was it another wild dream?
A deluge of leaves from above.
A wild baboon with a scary grin. 

All he remembered was the party,
wild , loud and laced with gin.
Where they stood in a circle around him
And coaxed him to begin. 

He played on his guitar strings,
Played to the crowd’s every whim.
The last thing he remembered .
Was her face smiling at him. 

Yet now this nightmarish morning.
or was the other night , a day dream.
Shaking his head , he lay down again.
And pondered if he should scream. 

The soft leaves fell fast and more.
Covering his mortal wounds sore.
So this was the Heaven , he smiled
Though seeming more like Hell’s uproar. 

He found that he could float
over the lofty trees above.
Subtle transformation when the
tattered body was ditched by the soul.

© Reena Prasad


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