Speeding ahead at full throttle

ignoring the blinding signals

flashing all over the horizon.

Not minding the howls of restraining wolves

Just moving ahead to hit the spray.

Insanity beckons, freedom snaps its knuckles

Rushing headlong into the falls

Neatly folded chapters flutter in the wind.

Knowing fully that the dash will end on the rocks

Yet powerless to stop the sway.

Gouging out the dormant demons

Pulling the tails of sleeping hounds.

Shaking the foundations of the card pack castle.

Inviting the tornado to tear out the pages bound.

Releasing the lava, packed under layers of dutiful clay.

Challenging the soul, mocking the vacuum

destroying the monotonous calm for ever

Aware that persecution and disgrace stand blocking the way

Will confessions soil the sanctity of the undeclared bond ?

The few forbidden words, will they spring forth today?

©Reena Prasad

published in the anthology “I am a poet” by Xpresspublications (2013)


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