It pushes the water down
like a long, pointed needle
It’s tiny hairs afloat, alive
It bursts forth like joy
from the evergreen womb.
Single to many
they drink and grow
learning to curl and grasp
spreading out their form
Flailing wildly in the liquid filled jar.
In transparent style
Recoiling at the cold glass
as they outgrow their limits.


Intricate fingers ,twisting into
convoluted patterns ,
Nourishing their mother in return
As I bury them under the earth.
Nobler than man can aspire…
They clutch and grab the muddy rocks
Steadying the seed, settling down.
Shooting out evergreen leaves above
Firm foundations , basement strong
stumping the screaming wind .
A majestic tree with an underground song
Oh to be a root, to have roots
embracing the earth where I belong.


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