Home makers

For poetry potluck at Jingles

Home makers

We have no Valentines
We are nobody’s sweethearts.
Cooking ranges and dishwashers, yes
Comforters and incubators.

We are the furniture and brooms
The curtains that wipe runny noses, stray tears,
duped for generations, cajoled
into believing we were partners.

“You are my world”-said he.
My apple pie, a bundle of surprise,
for he had married a girl and uncovered
a multi-tasking, washing machine in disguise!


13 thoughts on “Home makers

  1. I think in some ways many women can identify with this…even if it isn’t to that extreme.
    “The curtains that wipe runny noses, stray tears”. Perfect. Who hasn’t had a days when those feelings don’t run rampant.
    Sad poem…thought provoking.
    Thanks for sharing. Stopping by Potluck Poetry


  2. Thank you @Rinkly rimes–for your concern, happily it is not, you can see it tagged as “lighter stuff”.
    Thanks @bended spoon,Marlee-i Mystic,Kristi, Jingle,fiveloaf,Kim ,Tekia and kshawnedgar–it was fun reading all the comments,I was amazed that this little piece elicited such a response!Thank you all.


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