The muse arrives

Poetry potluck at Jingles

A huge conundrum lurks
behind the tightly woven mental mesh
Sending little sparkling rays to become
a thirsty teetotaler’s watery bait .
An equally mysterious response
soon makes itself known,
pushing the rigid conceptions
that have frozen overnight in the storm.


Often life passes in acquired monotony
leaving no space for the soul to soar,
Mundane tasks override intrinsic sensibilities
erasing rain-washed horizon’s rainbows.
Till one day, the bubbles explode,
sending mares racing past the grain.
The pulsing, colossal cosmos
soon drags us out of the human drain.


The muse arrives in haughty grandeur
sweeping away snow flake rings
revealing tiny buds that bring forth
melodious flowers of soulful spring.
Perceptions flow out from under the fence
making its way beyond man-made limits,
thinning out boundaries, making them fade
invoking poetic spirits from lifeless strings.


11 thoughts on “The muse arrives

  1. Good dense and weighty poem. I particularly liked the couplete…

    “Till one day, the bubbles explode,
    sending mares racing past the grain.”

    Great image.


  2. The muse is such a lovely (and needed) distraction from the everyday mundane. I loved this line “The muse arrives in haughty grandeur” — ain’t that the truth!


  3. I felt a click when I read about the mundane of everyday life. I realised that it’s up to us to make it more interesting. Perhaps without the routine, we might not be able to better appreciate the other interesting discoveries we attempt to make along our journeys:)


  4. Thanks five loaf, loved yours too.
    Thank you Dunstancarter-glad you were not put off by the weightiness here.
    Thank you K.Mc Gee–thats exactly how the muse arrived for this poem.
    Thanks clariice-couldn’t agree with you more.


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