Moonlit nights

This is quite loony stuff, I know but it was flowing onto the page so smoothly like a song that I had to just close my eyes to the cliches and mushiness and allow it to pour down.

When you want me to lean upon,
to rest your soul and play your song
Just tell the moon, she watches over me
for I am alone and spring has gone.


Night is dancing in the moonlit bars
Come sit somewhere, let’s count the stars.
As they leave us and fade away,
just tell the moon to look my way.

Tell her how much you miss the days
when wordless moments just flew away
I will listen to every note true
And blow her a kiss, to pass on to you.


When the sky lightens to steely grey,
forcing the moon to pale away,
scents of night fly whispering by
and you vanish with a smile and sigh.


I hug my soul, silently watching her go,
keeping you locked in my bear hug though.
Few hours to pass, a lifetime of pain
waiting alone for the night to rain.


Opening our arms to the wild downpour
We dance in my dreams till a mad encore
To sync your night to my pagan tunes.

Just tell the moon, just tell the moon.


12 thoughts on “Moonlit nights

  1. -I hug my soul, silently watching her go,
    -just tell the moon, just tell the moon.

    i love these lines, they capture the sentiments and longings of the poem. 🙂


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