Can’t stop them from falling
Though I tried with my sodden sleeve
Catching the drops left ,right and below
yet nothing seems to stem the flow. 

Traitors, you drain my heart
plundering the meager store of hope,
Are you waiting till the smiling faces go
for melancholy to fill the black potholes? 

Friends wave goodbye, I drown in my lie,
a water-logged smile camouflaging my sigh.
Dragging the boulders, bound to my hopes,
I close the windows for it will rain tonight.  

Where did I once sow Sorrow’s hidden seeds?
They feed upon my tiniest joys with abandoned glee.
Their tiny tendrils are now grief’s wild weeds,
entangled in my veins like salt in the sea.
 ©Reena  Prasad


14 thoughts on “Melancholy

  1. Their tiny tendrils are now grief’s wild weeds,
    entangled in my veins like salt in the sea.

    With the summer coming, let’s hope the salt in the sea entangled in your veins will fade away, to make room for honey and smiley faces … Lovely writing!


  2. I think I will have to spend more time reading your blogs. Each one I have read is great! I love your descriptive words, you are very creative and artistic in the way you write and share your thoughts. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Hi,

    This is my first time doing this, so please forgive if I’m not on the right wavelength. For one thing, the artwork that goes with this poem is incredible! The colors are beautiful. Is it your work or a friend’s? So many times we come to poetry to heal — to find the words that bandage the pain. Hope this works for you and that it helps you find peace. I’ll come back to read more … hoping life is better.


  4. Thank you @ booguloo,eclipse ofthemoon, ladynimue-your comments are much appreciated.
    thank you@mangoestangoes-i am overwhelmed by your praise.
    life:betweenthelines-thank you ,glad you liked it.
    Thankyou @jmsimpson-you are most welcome here,let me clarify that I eat,breathe and live poetry alone. Most of the images, accompanying my poems are most beautiful creations of someone else found through google/bing search.(see the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog)
    I felt that it conveyed the mood of my writing very well.sorry to disappoint you.Hope you do come back to read my poems again.Thank you so much for your interest and comments.


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