So it has come to this

So it has come to this

So it has come to this.
Homes have been reclaimed
by vengeful waters of weary earth.
Ever lazy to rebuild ,to sweat and slog,
we now live in our green- themed blogs.


Yesterday is tomorrow gone too soon
Tomorrow is today always inexplicably late.
Never nurturing the core, ever blaming fate.
Changing the paint, toying around with the seams
Reversing colours, competing with reptiles with ease.


Only evil in this world, don’t smile kid, at neighbours
 minds now have glasses, tinted dark
Close your eyes, ears and mouth, virus rule over the parks.
Don’t smell the roses, don’t touch the grass
Love has kinks, recycled water still stinks .


Believe in luck, lotteries and charms
for ignorance has become common sense
And education the biggest scam.
will goodness of heart
ever get a fresh lease?


We have crossed the bridge between,
unashamedly donning black grease
and stand up for nothing
believing this be the mantra
for world peace.


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