Chirping birds announced day break,
he thought he smelt hot tea
Blue or black, he pondered about the suit
Then it hit him! “Bereavement leave”.

How soon the memory slipped,
He had fed the crows, done the last deeds
She lay serene, it had felt so strange
She who never slept, when he was awake.

He ached for the familiar teasing voice.
Splashing water on his face, he saw not
his red -rimmed eyes, his grief lined face
But her vermillion “bindi” on his image.

He recalled her carefully plucking it off
from between her lovely brows
sticking it on the bathroom glass.
It stared at him, calling her back.

Then he cried for she was gone.
Gone forever leaving her songs.
What lay ahead, he closed his eyes.
no questions asked , no answers found..

Should he clean the house, who cared now?
Or wipe his tears, as they freely flowed.
No one to listen if he talked and talked
Or to answer him gently if he called.

Deafening silence settled on his soul
Grief resembled a yawning black hole
He hadn’t said good bye, he realized
Taking for granted, her place by his side.

He breathed in her scent from her unwashed dress
as it lay hanging orphaned now,
missing her warmth, nestling against him,
he heard echoes of Death’s silent laugh.


14 thoughts on “Loss

  1. It’s hard when I read other blogs to say which is fiction and which is not! I sure hope you didn’t have to go through such loss and pain! The emotions were so strong I almost felt inside your words!


  2. Glad you liked it Girish.Thanks. for visiting.
    Hi Sid, quite a morbid piece ,Didn’t like it much myself till the comments started coming.Thanks for the encouraging words.
    Thank you deadpoet88 for your comment.
    Thanks ladyNimue for sharing my poem in your lovely blog. Really appreciate it.


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