Familiar vibes-hidden connection

” A truth can lie hidden forever but it must not become a lie.”

Familiar vibes -hidden connection

A delicious secret, I confess,
is subtly kept hidden from you.
Stumbled on it innocently enough
though it now seems like déjà vu.

A blooming romance, a romp with words
Fragrances shared , Oh! the picture is a rose bush.
Though I passed these corriders
nearly a decade before you walked hither.

Unsuspecting dear that you are ,
with wisdom far beyond your young heart
You search for the elusive love- vine
while I know our roots entwine.

It is the melting, chocolaty delight that hides
deep inside my poetic freezer.
Tempting me with its disarming guiles
making me drop crumbs for you to find.

I am everything your muse imagines,
a mystery of your making but not an iota more.
When the alluring veil is torn to shreds
can our differences be ignored?

It’s only a playful web made by a butterfly,
I am close enough to breathe in your every sigh.
Leaving only a trap door ajar, I have learnt the whole map
A graying head, a content heart, no longer need a fresh start.

Damn sure I am writing on a vulnerable heart
whose hidden depths hold mellifluous promises
But a decade of written destiny holds us apart,
My story ends where yours is going to start.
©Reena Prasad


8 thoughts on “Familiar vibes-hidden connection

  1. Hi, lizbeth , glad you found it fun atleast till the end! That is the whole point of the poem–to leave someone wondering!

    Dear Blaga-means so much to hear this from you. wish I could unravel the mystery here but it would then lose some of its charm–but you are right-this is a story from some other time, like a hazy memory .


  2. That’ so well put..my stpry ends where yours is beginning to start. But then doesn’t the song go”Na umr ka seema ho ,na janam ka ho bandhan.Jab pyar kiye koyi, toh dekhe keval mann”? I hope you are familiar with hindi.


  3. Thank you Nadira! What you wrote is true–“manas mathram chernaal madi.” But I was thinking rather on the lines of another Hindi song–” Wo afsaana jisey anjaam tak laana na ho mumkin, usey ek khoobsurat mod dekar chodna acha!” This is that”Mod”.


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