The isle within

The isle within


Walls replete with sonnets you cannot read
I use invisible ink
in places where poetry is not meant to be.
Writing ballads
in the brooding shadows of autumn’s moon
using fire-flies to lighten heavy couplets.
Writing odes in the pitch darkness
of unrequited love
on the frosted panes
of wintry wine glasses .
Feigning languid disinterest
so you wouldn’t be obliged to see
the unbearable surrender in
the haikus of my euphonious silence,
using your loss as free license
for climbing rhyme vines.
Punctuation and meter often misplaced
in the farrago of heaped pain.
Though my pen and its flowing juices
are my nepenthe, my salvaged flotsam;
I see elegies when dreams are earthed.
Darkness lends character and colors
to lyrics too pale to withstand sun shine.
I want so badly to write about the rose
yet it always turns to “rue” and “woes”.
A time stolen, a space pristine
I carry them with me to prevent
dislodgement of my cornerstones
and life from turning into
another Sisyphean tale.
An alibi for my frequent,
imperceptible absences from life
A testimony to my inner tankas of hope
My hidden growlery in this world
of cyber- tinged butterflies.
My island of blank verse
©Reena Prasad

♥Published thanks to Rukhaya M.K


17 thoughts on “The isle within

  1. Oh, first of all heart thanks for the more than well deserved recognition. Stupendous as your poetry is, I am not at all surprised and very very happy. But having said that, this poem of yours pushes every other poet off stage. This is brilliant stuff, about poets and their craft, and I hold this poem very close to my heart.


  2. Hey Sid, you make me blush! Such profuse praise–but thank you- you made my day! Very glad that you liked this poem–It is growing on me ever since I wrote it ..and your comment is making it one of my favourites ever. Been reading your adamantine astral beauty of a poem ,and won’t comment till I absorb every nuance captured in it.


  3. Thanks so much for letting us across the moat to go wandering in the isle within. Writing is so mush of a cathartic process too, isn’t it? At least one is able to express what is bottled up inside and reading it , one recognises similar emotions in oneself and hence indirectly it is a cathartic process for the reader a s well. This is so beautifully written.


  4. Dear friend(Nadira)
    Thank you,you are more than welcome to my isle here.
    Having gone through some of your posts, I know that I have a long way to go as far as poetry is concerned.Your poems have a delicate touch and feel light as a feather on the soul.Your comment on poetry being a cathartic process is so true and I completely agree.Such is the magic,a poem can make.I am indeed blessed to receive such a comment from you.


  5. I am so very happy for the news you shared with us Reena! Congratulations! Your inspiration sure created another wonderful poem, with invisible ink you leave pretty and visible traces in our hearts! Once again well done and all the best in anything you do!


  6. Thank you Blaga, I am so pleased to see your message here. Thanks for the interview .It looks so much nicer when on the Jingle site and you featured another of my fav poems. “Get well soon”- This is for your computer!


  7. Congratulations !!! So good to hear that 🙂
    And its the first tiem I read a free verse on your blog .. loved it so very muh .. this was one of the best reads of today ! Keep penning/typing out such words ..


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