Coloured dreams

For the prompt at Bluebellbooks for Short Story Slam

Coloured dreams

Night loomed
darkness crept upon her bed side
The phone still silent, doorbell mute
wrinkled cheeks held on to cherished kisses
She had wished them joy
not knowing where it was leading
what her boys had in mind
A certain color flashed in her mind
A floating dream as she dozed off
People looking up into the blue skies
excited chatter filling the air
She walked with her friends
through the merry village fair
Scrap book sheets of muted colours
skimming through the now feeble veins
They always brought a gift
something she always cherished
knowing her love of the open skies
free bird of yester days
Loud tapping on her window
jostled her from the pleasant reverie
Mental hands pulled up creaking joints
Door flew open ,
strong loving hands scooped her up,
She saw huge balloons nodding
the spots and colours made her gape!
Her boys had come and oh! the gift-
lovelier than her floating dreams.
She laughed aloud ,happy and content
That’s how they found her
smiling in her bed, happily dead
when her boys came home.

20 thoughts on “Coloured dreams

  1. WoW..spellbound on this one!

    What a precious way for the ol’ gal to go….

    I absolutely love it, beginning….to end!


  2. Well wrought and intriguing poem. Would love to know the inspiration. I mean I know its the Bluebell slam, but how you came to this particular story. I liked the idea “lovlier than her floating dreams” … anyway an imaginative spin on the challenge. Well done.


  3. Thanks Jamie-Wrote the poem as part of the slam ,the words just came and before I knew it, it had become a story. My paternal granny passed away in her bed, with a smile on her lips and an empty tea cup in her hand –may be something from that came into this poem.


  4. In general, we write a poem, find an image to illustrate or reflect our work, Now, let’s go reverse, we provide you an image,

    Invite you to contribute a poem or a short story based on the image you see,

    Be creative,
    Have fun!

    Hope to see you in…

    Bluebell Books!

    Thanks for the support on week 1, you rock.


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