A Desert May

Brighter than my sweetheart’s crayons,
a yellow ball in the cloudless heights
Hum of air conditioners sets the tune
for summer’s boisterous breeze
Sand flies across the sizzling outdoors
sticking to sweaty, tanned necks
The bluest sea view from the kitchen window
to cool the fumes from frying brains
Ever thirsty, the potted money plants
languidly lean upon their trellis wall
while Kitty yawns her pink mouth away
under the whirring coolness of expensive air.
The palm trees laden with new date bunches
green slowly going the golden way
Bermudas, flip-flops, sunhats galore
camp and gala times beckon ahead.
Salt from sweat and sea soon unite
Sultry waves lapping below ice lollies
Air tickets , shopping, last -minute buys
as migratory birds get ready to fly
to monsoon’s hideaways
Hot and humid yet a joyful reason
to enjoy the warm gifts of sunny days
A time to bake in the scorching dunes
in a desert’s fiery season of May

66 thoughts on “A Desert May

  1. oh, that’s my season! give me heat and desert’s delights and i’m the most happy, summer girl alive! beautiful, appealing, flowing in my veins Reena! thanks for this sea breeze and the lovely sunshine!


  2. This is lovely.

    You’ve got me counting down the days to my summer vacation in a few months to the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean for some fun & relaxation.

    Happy summer and thanks for sharing.


  3. Very nice. Living in atlantic Canada, I couldn’t wait for the snow to clear and spring to arrive, proper!
    You expressed the summer and warmth that arrives with it so well in this. (Now about all the bugs, that’s a different matter) lol


  4. It’s cold and windy here right now, and this makes me yearn for hot days and cold drinks. I especially loved the lines:
    “as migratory birds get ready to fly
    to monsoon’s hideaways.”
    I live right under a migratory flightpath of Canada geese, and every year I look forward to them arriving.


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