Uncrowned royals

For poetry potluck at Jingles

Uncrowned royals

They are the true monarchs
living the accustomed regal life
in the simian way
In the granitic grandeur of Ranthambore Fort
guardians of our past today.

They never steal the marbled tiles
nor gouge out and hoard the gold.
nor scratch futile love signs on imperial walls
unlike their pitiful human cousins.
Ample proof of royal blood.

They knew it all along
history turns the pages of time
yet another era will bite the dust.
Erasing war results of ignorant vermin,
enmities lie merged under Mother Earth.

Immortal they remain
Watching evolution from the tall trees
Our ancestors who never claim
their rights to the royal throne
yet they alone occupy it today.

28 thoughts on “Uncrowned royals

  1. Wow, so beautiful. Really liked the lines ‘unlike their pitiful human cousins and ‘Yet they alone occupy it today’. Thanks for your kind words and for visiting.


  2. I once encountered a langur, in the surroundings of a temple, real smart, he snatched the goodies from me. That was scary!
    Definitely the ruler, did what pleased πŸ™‚


  3. Oh, I really do like this! The title is perfect. You got it exactly right, that *they* rule these grand places now that people have moved on. I liked how you showed that they actually deserve to be there by showing their respect and not defacing or devaluing the place, itself. Such a wonderful and unexpected perspective! πŸ™‚


  4. Absolutely royally penned! Had to read it 2-3 times, thought provoking and making you think of few things like how sometimes even without a crown you can see kings and queens in people in creature, just because they deserve the respect of simply being.


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