Pic by Bahman Farzad 


Wipe them please
with water, soap and vinegar
They make fun of me
though I am just back from heaven here.
We have walked through a garden
shared a rainbow and a sunset,
your shadows seep into my empty echoes
transfiguring nightmares into dreams
I have hidden all the oft-used fences,
stamping fiercely on doubting seeds
wanting to embed sodden images
on pages of surreal sun-beams.
Yet when I look into your nebulous eyes,
mirrors clear as the cloudless sky
tell me you no longer care.

©Reena Prasad
Published in Brian Wrixon’s Anthology ” On the wings of love”


12 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. What gorgeous images, one following another, as if walking through a land so rich, no man has ruined it with touch; a garden of eden in words. Lovely piece and beautiful photography too.


  2. There was so much depth and sadness in this one… Realization and delayed awareness can be hardest hitting at times!

    Really masterfully worded, my friend!!


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