Amaranthine canvas

Amaranthine canvas

The artist stains the walls with passion
People stop to watch him bleed
He blends his thoughts with a mental brush
and dabbles with the colors of his inner swirls.
A streak of anger runs through him
And lo! a red river flows down the page
He recalls a lily bloom amidst calm waters
And there emerges a cool, watery glade .
Sweat of hard work skids off his back
descending in cascading waterfalls
Scars of long lost loves come to life
leaving traces of a broken harp.
Spring beckons him to her floral lap
as wild flowers burst upon his canvas.
A blush of colour, a dab of paint.
his work done as the artist throws
whirlpools of colour into abandoned holes.
filling the blanks which nature forgot
or those smudged by human echoes.

34 thoughts on “Amaranthine canvas

  1. artists paint with brushes and make images,
    poets write with pens to do poems…..

    images could be anything, words, pictures, and impressions.
    you way of taking on the prompt is stunning.


  2. I love your descriptions of the creative process. The last line says so much, “filling the blanks which nature forgot or those smudged by human echoes.” Beautiful words.


  3. Reading this I get the feeling that this is exactly how Vincent Van Gogh would’ve gone about recreating his impressions on his canvasses. The mad frenzy of sensual inputs, the internal chaos, all so well depicted in words here.


  4. Thank you Nadira, it was a chaotic write for me too-I just wanted it pour it down and be done with it. the prompt was lovely”Sketches,images and impresssions” -all the tools of an artist!. Your comment is one that every writer would love to have on his/her work.


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