For the prompt at Thursday Think-tank “Chocolate”

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Remember our surreptitious rendezvous when
you were my sister’s best friend?
I liked you immensely then though
some misguided scruples kept us apart.
Fifteen years later now I have no such qualms
The health club no longer exists and
I am convinced that round is a shape.
Though I have serious competition from nubile things,
I keep you deep in the freezer of my heart and home
When my ever-suspicious husband goes to work
and the kids have been packed off to school,
loneliness strikes and I crave your molten touch.
I seek you out and though my waist is no longer shapely
Nothing holds me back from sampling your ample delights
When passion has been sated, I vow to be good again
till the next time…
And then the prompt turns up
There you are in your silken, brown glory
covering a naked lady
and I succumb to temptation

27 thoughts on “Sin

  1. WoW! Laughing…chocolate is smart…it knows how to work up our appetites and it knows it’s also sinfully good for us!

    Yay to chocolate!

    Thanks for this decadent treat.


  2. That was awesome, do ladies get secure about their body after marriage, seems like they do!
    I love chocolates, I’m eating one right now 🙂


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