The human fly on me!

Written for the picture prompt at bluebellbooks

“A disgruntled cowboy horse poem -I had fun turning tables .
Forgive me John Wayne and fans, it’s only a fun fable “

The human fly on me !


He sits on me as if I am a chair

digging  thorny hooves into my belly bare

His tight pants are surely starting to hurt

under his unwashed ‘n’ stinkin’  pink shirt.

Long, coiled ropes (here I smirk ‘n’ neigh)

perhaps to hang himself one fine day.

I have had enough of his jiggling bum

bouncing about, clutching a smoking gun.

Little does he know, the swaggering fool

thinking himself to be pretty cool

Doesn’t he know I have not been fed

and another gun-totting, smoking fly lurks ahead?

He is very soon going to land up dead

with that funny plate still  on his head!

24 thoughts on “The human fly on me!

  1. oh, that was so well executed, I haven;t read other entries from that prompt, but your approach was certainly amazing and funny. Thanks for the smiles! Now let’s find way to feed that poor horse 🙂


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