Pearls Of Tears

This is a beautiful poem written by a friend with an equally beautiful soul!
I have enjoyed its fragile, ethereal loveliness so much that it feels wrong to be selfish and not share it with all my friends who visit me here. Hope to get your comments on this poem………….

There are many other lovely compositions waiting to be read at her blog “Illusions”.

via Illusion….!!!: Pearls Of Tears…!!.

 Pearls Of Tears…!!

Infant rays adorn east,
painting the horizon gold.
Tiny dew shed from the bosom
of early autumn morning.
Crispy gems glistening with pride
on meadow grass tips,
how gracefully they dance
with the tune of breeze.


As I walk savouring
its eternal splendour,
I saw each droplet
dangling with poise
bear the sob of tear
whispering silently
how badly they cling
onto their fragile life..!

Written by Maaya( Her name also means “Illusion”)




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