Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

Up and down
gently taking in the pleasure of being alive
with my bare toes squelching the last drops of night’s dew
In the mellow sun upon the green grass
Firmly wedged in open-air comfort
I found my niche on a swinging tyre
The book by Vikram Seth deserved no less
A reading ambience under open sky
in a tiny park where roads crisscrossed by.
A book about flowing life
A piece of a world held close to heart
like this re-discovered tyre swing
of a childhood past.
She found him and she wondered
She lost him and yet she wondered
Male multitude passers by
accustomed to ogling but not at
a woman on a kiddy swing, with reading glasses
Lecherous hoots, snide looks
as they passed, I wondered with her
about the fresh batch of defective human hearts
Do they lose if they walk on by respecting
a fellow being on a harmless ride?
What of this trail of seeing vamps in girls
akin to a trend of abusing their own mothers?
My kids made castles out of warm sand,
their homage to innocent childhood
happily oblivious to the gutter around,
while I swung to Vikram’s hefty matrimonial packages
the quagmires in the pages kept me hooked
Women passing by tried to induce guilt
Me being me, I refused to quit
A little time in the sun and sand
I deserve to treat myself to a book of life
-a modest demand.
There I swung with a dreamy smile.
till the heroine got married off in style
till the most suitable boy came to fetch us home.

Thursday poet’s rally


28 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. What a beautiful moment. I used to take walks to college and they were so peaceful except for the men stopping and shouting pervy comments. I have never been bothered in the park though. I have never read this book it sounds interesting =)


    1. Must warn you Blaga that it is a heavy weight book, one of the longest novels ever published in the English language! It is a story of four families (with innumerable characters ) and describes a mother’s quest to find a suitable groom to marry her daughter. Thanks for liking the poem .


  2. This is lovely, the way you reflect on such simple things, swinging and reading – and how they are viewed by others. And I love how you connect the content of the novel into your thoughts as the poem unfolds.



  3. I could picture you , stubbornly refusing to budge despite the curious and lecherous and “guilt inducing” bypassers. Makes me want to quote Shelley here…….”Hail to you blithe spirit………..
    Like a high-born maiden
    In a palace tower,
    Soothing her love-laden
    Soul in secret hour
    With music sweet as love, which overflows her bower:”…..More of such happy times to you.:-)


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