A riparian saga(Autopost)

A Riparian saga

Stamped on the pages of time-gnawed manuscripts,
an ancient tale is written in stone .
A hidden saga with undeciphered scripts.
Skeletons of engineering marvels, totter in modern cities,
filth and foul waters flow over human feet .
Retribution for lessons unlearnt, forgotten.

Abstract musings or clear portraits ?
On verge of usurping the throne of creation
yet angle undecided, to decode the past.
Saraswati sentenced to an underground dungeon.
Vitasta blackened by the sins of misguided generations.
Wayward thirst of parched clay, tears apart Satadru today.

Divine peaks flag off a heavenly flow,
Sindhu sashays gracefully down the glaciers.
A blue symphony, once holding six sisterly hands.
Her blessings replaced by barbed wires and territorial threats
Fertile basins spout blood over fragile eco systems while
Saptha Sindu oozes hate upon its conspiring playgrounds.

Seismic wisdom shakes the gravestones of a golden past
We still carry hymns hidden under reverberating gun shots.
Green shadows of Mother Earth, do cool the smoldering suns here.
Let tectonic plates unite hearts into sharing a fragrant rice bowl.
Pray our clay pots retain the earthy fragrance of inner knowledge
and lessons from history, replace cloudy miasmas of smoking egos.


4 thoughts on “A riparian saga(Autopost)

  1. very well needed poem for present age. we are polluting the waterbodies to the extreme. government should must take some preventive methods to immediately stop it.


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