There is a place

There is a place

Where sand rushes out  with the waves

trying to pry shells which cling to wet feet.

Where coconuts shells become brass vessels

to cook a feast over an imaginary fire.

Where palm tree shadows bend to merge

with the patterns that sun and sand create.

Where the wind whispers mischievous secrets

that delight the soul in idyllic solitude.

Where notes come floating unheard yet tender

as if frivolously flirting with a lyrical gale.

Where time moves with the lassitude of summer

making bells forget  their rings and resonance.

Where  billowing clouds impersonate  buried desires

 filling in the thirsty gaps with tremulous drops.

Where the greens and the blues blur effortlessly,

never needing to define the melting palette.

to name the place or remember the date

to unearth a purpose for living in that speck of time.

There is a place in every space

If you can look softly enough
© Reena Prasad
Published in the anthology Musings- a mosaic


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