Rush (Autopost)


to brush teeth or just swirl with Listerine
A crow-bath, a gulp of gooey oats
Rush, time is flying
Write fast, read fast, play really fast
Whoever runs faster gets to run more.


Rush to catch the train, bus, or the girl
Skim over lives reduced to deleted data
languishing in recycle bins of cyberworld
Why mind the tail-wagging dog
He is not your boss!
Swallow the burning hot tea
A singed mouth can even help
in keeping small talk at bay.


Hurry up son, Mom has to go
swallow your Maggi noodles
let me finish your homework
Do not waste time in thought
rush to bed
jump headlong and
NEVER dare to dream
but wake up early
books still wait
you got to mug up some more.



Trees are obstacles
Rain is a nuisance
Flowers are allergens
Sun is carcinogenic
Kids are burdens
Air is toxic
Earth is a fairy-tale.


Childhood gone
leaving vestiges of loss
A feeling of being torn
from a mother’s warm lap
Youth brokenly follows
trying to keep pace
with hordes of tie -choked guys
gallivanting with speed-balls
leaning on Crystal Meth
when wings fails to materialize
never noticing how closely
it rhymes with death.


Marry into money dear!
they have faster cars
The forward button is now almost a depression.
Doctor needs a vacation, he is human too
borrow God’s liberties
fast forward births
Baby -don’t crawl
It is speedier to run.


When every one has had enough
they end up still in bed
rushing through life
blind and deaf
to jump off the precipice


Searching for the back button on the remote
are you now?


2 thoughts on “Rush (Autopost)

  1. every verse was rich with the sights and sounds and tectures of nature. But this I liked best.
    Fanned by vespine wings,
    amidst summer’s tigrine shadows
    greedily devouring
    scent- bursts of green mangoes
    I stand still, my hand clutching
    at my fluttering heart
    as it threatens to elope
    with the feckless wind.


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