Earth is heaven (Autopost)

Earth is heaven


Every song that the sparrow chirps
Every twig the scampering squirrel cracks
A brown bird’s rhythmic drumming taps
resonates within my porous core
as life’s inimitable soundtracks.

A reminder of life ‘s flamboyant urges
outside sketched boundaries,
within too..
when it swung on natural vines,
Coos of comradeship, licks of love
ricochets off my senses
leaving concentric ripples to dance.

Fanned by vespine wings,
amidst summer’s tigrine shadows
greedily devouring
scent- bursts of green mangoes
I stand still, my hand clutching
at my fluttering heart
as it threatens to elope
with the feckless wind.

Nymph -like tendrils loop around me
as bold dahlias brazenly sway,
tempting me to taste a dew drop,
or to sip at succulent banana sprays.
Apian shapes follow my jaunt
as I tip toe to fool my echoes
Entire earth hidden within me
lest vagabond bees steal the scents away.

(Hallucinations from the desert heat)


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