Still raining on me (Autopost)

Bleed your colours on me ,’O’  dried, red rose

Let me sparkle in the fragrant trench of your memories.

Pour out your yellow gold, ‘O’ silent, afternoon sun

even though my glitter has gone astray..

Wet from dripping promises, are these window panes

-incessant reminder of a few raindrops  slipping off

translucent mushroom parasols into the ordinary dust

leaving  love streaks on my kohl-stained cheeks.

Insanely grabbed moments now fizzle,

meekly mutating into mere, meandering  dreams.

Damp earth smells that once caught your fancy

now leave me shivering with their dank emptiness.

I sit near the river watching it gurgle away at my follies.

The waters, once silver are now an unforgiving blue.

reflecting the invisible, steel-embedded fence

now glinting between me and you.

It is still raining on me , though you can no longer see.


4 thoughts on “Still raining on me (Autopost)

  1. I wish for a rain right now,
    I wish for the scent of the rainbow
    and the wind in the wheels of a train …

    Glowing, flowing thoughts,
    a teardrop over fiddling violin,
    your words are worth for a story to begin …


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