The circle (Autopost)

She sits sipping her coffee creamy and strong

The aroma tantalizing  even though my fast is already broken

typing out romantic poems that borders eerily on the verge of reality

Her story sparkles lighting up our laptop screens.


He ponders on the social write -up once again

Chewing the cuds of language,feelings and responsibilities

Feeling the deep truth of his words echo

in the response of likes and comments  popping up on his walls.


She searches through the myriad images and musical chords

of utterly sensual yet delightful themes

finding lovelier  words to describe the human heart ,

the vagaries of fate ,folly and we too live her fragile dreams.


Yet in another world ,he roams with poetic frenzy and a camera

Treading the dutiful lines of familial obligations and social flaws

Cold coffee to perk up his thoughts and evil grins

come across oceans as we share his excited visions.


Lost in the cyber space of networks and blogs,

Freudian theories and poetic forms synchronized

Always alive, his creations emerge from an enquiring mind

reaching us  evoking, demanding undeniable response.


To each their own time , space and machine, we type away

connected by the bonds of words and invisible wires

A group assignment  in progress, taking poetry to unknown levels

Unseen friends seated at a cyber table, enjoying zeitgeist comradeship.



Dedicated to my  cyber friends-

Blaga (1st stanza),Gop(2nd stanza),Maaya(3rd stanza),Mihir(4rth stanza),Harish(5th stanza)

And anyone reading this(6th stanza).


8 thoughts on “The circle (Autopost)

  1. I remember reading this on facebook … even now I’m sipping coffee and thinking of a story to sparkle my screen, but first, it’s a catching up day with blogs and today is your turn! It’s been a busy summer and I haven’t been here and there much! I hope you had a lovely vacation! Looking forward to seeing you back with posts that are not autoposts! Blessings!


    1. Lovely to be back Blags, will be posting soon, hope u r well and in high spirits. Looking forward to catching up with your writings soon. Thanks for all the lovely tit-bits you fed to my blog in the form of comments–it kept it alive!


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