Happy birthday

Night is turning fair

Sparkling with litchi – lighted trees.

Dancing drum beats rival the tapping feet

The delectable, chocolaty cake

with heaven’s gardens upon its melting face.

Waiting to be sliced by the serrated knife.

Soon all is left is the empty cardboard tray

eerily reminiscent of the end of a life. 


The candles with each passing season

burn in exuberant splendour.

Steadily increasing their numbered fire

Lighting up my shadowy walk

seeking to merge with the final pyre.

A day signifying the tolls of mortality

Every moment, the very last

For life will never find these paths again. 


A fresh chapter when all is read

Celebrated with gusto to neutralize

the molten sadness of transient youth,

Amidst grim reminders, let me imagine-

newer delights peeking over the setting sun

A new house for the weary soul

Accumulated burdens of right and wrong

shrugged with relief onto the purifying flames. 


A familiar bird, a phoenix so pure

Rising above the fumes and grime

May she seek the heavens and feel the earth

Shaking off regrets and loosening the chains

Flying around with renewed vigour

nourishing the decomposing soul till it is ready

to jump into the earthly cycle again. 


Thus fortified with my vision of immortality

Dismissing ‘Death” with an ease of changing a book’s cover

In sync with the chorus of a musical ‘happy birthday’

with robust clapping accentuating my inner efforts.

Smiles all around as I blow out the last candle

I envisage in sudden loneliness –

A day on this lovely earth

without me.



5 thoughts on “Happy birthday

  1. Wow, this is really amazing. It takes me on a journey through this birthday scene that has so many meanings. We celebrate a fresh chapter, a new page, but also another year closer to death. Your poem makes me think.


  2. The poem is just so very good
    But I’m worried about your mood.
    This vague texture of sadness
    This tendency to brood.

    Time is just a flowing river
    Running to the sea
    And with you, there are others
    With the same destiny.

    So then where is loneliness
    Perhaps you may find me
    Do remember then to wink and smile
    When you rise in frothy glee.


  3. It is just a mood
    it may pass off soon
    like a seasonal change
    in the human heart.
    When spring comes
    as it surely will
    I’ll be joyful
    remembering your words.
    Right on spot, your intution was
    did i really forget to smile?
    maybe i did err in forgetting
    End comes to one and all.

    Thanks a lot Nadira, your talent is astounding and your words hit the nail on the head.


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