Giant shadows

Tall as colossal pillars, they stand
lest I need to rest my back
Though tired my feet, I plod along
treading softly on faded  diary leaves.
When dusk arrives, they hold up lamps
breathing fresh life into my jaded pen.
Let me sweep the dead leaves again
to uncover more paths, they once trod upon.

My fire shrinks from the snowy kisses
as winter troops in, freezing my muse.
They rise from the foggy pages
coaxing dying embers to sparkle again.
Their sorrows often weep into my soul
dripping disconcerting truths into my  perilously sandy dams.
Grateful for the gift they have bestowed, to see beyond –
to the immortal  loveliness within mortal beings.

I  trot contentedly behind their spirited horses,
their mastery tolerant of my tremulous inexperience.
They wrote with passion, framing forever
Time and her ephemeral follies.
The greatest poets had the simplest words
which still float with unblemished wings
to come flying in my hour of need
as shining muses and gentler  guides.

Nudging my fledging, bumbling efforts,
their creative penumbra hovers over my shoulders.
Much closer than Gods ever could be,
exemplifying what I should eternally see.
Their susurrus whispers as fragrant
as a long-awaited petrichor in the thirsty plains.
The blank page is now an epiphany of creation
engraved forever with long shadows of indelible names.



8 thoughts on “Giant shadows

  1. An excellent poem giving tribute to the forefathers of poetry. Yes, we should not forget them for they have given us the torch of life. ‘The greatest poets had the simplest words’ – we often forget this fact and try to create complexity in poetry to give out truth. Truth is very simple as the lucid poems of great masters. They possessed a lucid heart. Thanks.


  2. You’re one of the blessed ones
    Whom Poesy embraces
    She with her silky tresses
    And her ribbons and laces.

    She sits with you in silence
    On those lonely roads
    She helps you most willingly
    To lift your heavy loads.

    She skips along with gaiety
    When the days are bright
    She is a cherished companion
    Who wont let you out of sight.

    Yes, she brings you blessings
    From those she’d blessed before
    For you are one she’s fond of
    She fills your inner core.


    1. What a beautiful creation! Hats of to you Nadira, I am overwhelmed. Your lines flow so smoothly and gently lift my morale. You have that certain something that is so essential to good poetry–simplicity in the words and an amazing grace too. Thanks for sharing these wonderful lines.


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