Resilient to the onslaught of emotions,

it stands aloof in its bony cloak of eccentric grooves

red pride radiating from its diverging chambers.

Life twists around, never willing to stray afar

gurgling among the crimson waves.

The human heart -the mark of a race

A remarkable, pulsating dam

finding comfort in its own stoic lyrics

mindfully keeping the rhythms alive.

It never could identify its beginning

for it was born with the compulsion to throb

nor does it care to learn

the direction of the end of time’s tunes.

Inevitability of its thuds, a lesson to boredom’s youth.

Braving the swirling illusions of the universe,

it keeps within the limits of love and play

amidst the fickleness of its  seasons.

To begin to question may cause an isoelectric line

detrimental to human existence.

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