They sat under the umbrella

of silent ruminations.

Discussing the weather seemed futile.

She moved a little away

when their breaths  started  to collide.


He stood up, the fleeting spell broke.

The papers fluttered impatiently,

stapled neatly by the law at work

uncertain, undecided  .

Sealing the irregular edges of a  broken bond-

a sacrilege?

To co-exist in distrust, unloved-

better than suicide?


Decisions hung like cobwebs

making weak visions utterly blurred.

The road forked into strange, spewing tongues

hissing , accusing , pricking new wounds

Closeness swallowed by oceans of spite.

The smug cuckoo clock repeated.Now..Now


Anger , unhealed hurt and the offered pen.

-a volatile concoction

Fate lines rubbed out the ‘forever’

from the pledge of life.


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