Night angels

Night angels


The fangs are bared, rumbling in pain

is the large sea-horse in the clouds

Colic making it turn upside down

Gnashing its block of yellow teeth ,

biting into cotton candy

It lolls its head, wild-eyed in terror

Unable to stand on its mighty legs,

Flailing and groaning in sheer agony.


The dream pops like a soap bubble

And I look at the dark window

Just in time to see the moon rush furtively by.

Seconds later she composes herself

posing among the flowery cotton

As if she has been pasted there for eternity

Why did she storm my flimsy fort

Thwarting my secret nightmare before its gory end?

I see tiny winks in the cosmic bedspread

And the silent, sleeping form on the other side of the bed.


I get your message,my night angels

It is the hour of making amends!


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