A winter’s tale

A winter’s tale

Oh! The breeze is playful today
Ruffling the feathers of the tiny sparrows
hopping busily in the wan sunlight
Their tweets chiding the naughty breeze gently
and a warm smile hovers on Winter’s fair face.

On such days, time stops yet thoughts dance
The wayward heart crosses certain invisible lines
to flow out in red glory onto the pavements of passion
driving out dutiful doubts that tremble in anticipation
within the folded petals of abandoned reason.

The breeze brings a lost fragrance, it has been too long
those still streets wait in silence but uncertain feet no longer stop
The shadows lengthen every hour, fading into the familiar dust
A stone kicked from school to home, now complains of apathy
The shade of the banyan still welcomes, but the map no longer exists

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