That lie which lies in your pocket

to save your ego’s face

The grave error of judgment you made

The mouth bashing and slang- flavoured talk

behind a purported friend’s back

The angry lash of tongue in place of compassion

The bribe for priority in the guise of a busy man.

Common human failings.


Let us dump them

in a place we call sacred


A place where we ask for undeserved favours

Closing our eyes to known remedial measures

Forgetting that He supports only the hard worker,

never the shirker.

A place where we go to save us work

of undoing our  wrongs

Instead of putting a good stitch in place ,

then humbly requesting  His divine support.


A place ,pure and revered

Holiest in our books of wisdom

yet overflowing with the trash

Emptied from human and inhuman hearts

Soiled with the impurities of immoral  drifting rafts

Washing away our sins, emptying mental garbage bins

Forgiveness  flows here we believe, like River Ganga

wiping the slate blank to re write fresh atrocities again.


For us the temple, the church, the mosque always a sin-bin.


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