Shade of sweet imagination

Shade of sweet  imagination

Counting time laden moments that stretch into monumental days

Amidst tasks fixed, duties and obligations of holidays

A break from routine for the busy bodies and bees

A time when they search for spring in weekend garden forays

forgetting a fluttering butterfly, who folds her wings and sedately walks

yearning for a sip of nectar amidst ceramic dinner plate motifs.


They aren’t too many but anything more than one, is sometimes a crowd

Restless, the vaulting heart but still pumps showers of enthusiastic blood

The manufactured talk, time-sanctioned arguments and polite smiles

Inside glass curtains , barely concealed is a snarl -barred from customary fare

Soaping a stained tea-cup, a heart writes sonnets on the draining suds

The bubbles merge with effervescent clouds that shower on parched days.



Invisible shackles bite into ankles, yet melodious couplets tinkle there

The chains that bind wrists transform into bracelets with poetic flair

She moves from demand to demand with flour-dust shading ink spots

A butterfly inside flits searching for honey among imaginary pollen brushes

When the jasmine- scented evening murmurs a nostalgic desire,

she delights in the heady fragrance of night’s lissome solitude…….



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